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Wound Care University

Introductory Course to Hyperbaric Medicine and Woundcare Dates

January: 16th – 20th
February: 13th – 17th
March: 20th – 24th
April: 10th – 14th
May: 8th – 12th
June: 19th – 23rd
July: 17th – 21st
August: 14th – 18th
September: 18th – 22nd
October: 9th – 13th
November: 13 – 17th
December: 11th – 15th

This course is not offered on demand

Wound Care University

Wound Care Certification Prep Course Dates

January: 9th – 13th
February: 6th – 10th
March: 7th – 9th
April: 4rd – 6th
May: 2nd – 4th
June: 6th – 8th
July: 11th – 13th
August: 8th – 10th
September: 12th – 14th
October: 3rd – 5th
November: 7th – 9th
December: 5th – 7th

This course is offered on demand

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Wound Care University

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