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Wound Care University

Introductory Course to Hyperbaric Medicine and Woundcare Dates (Live: Zoom)

November 2023: 13 – 17th
January 2024: 22nd-26th
February 2024: 19nd-23rd
March 2024: ————
April 2024: 22nd-26th
May 2024: 20th-24th
June 2024: 17th-21st
July 2024: 22nd-26th
August 2024: 19th-23rd
September 2024: 9th-13th
October 2024: 21st-25th
November 2024: 18th-22nd
December 2024: ———–

This course is not offered on demand

Wound Care University

Wound Care Certification Prep Course Dates (In-Person)

November 2023 : 7th – 9th
December 2023: 5th – 7th
January 2024: 9th-11th
February 2024: 6th-8th
March 2024: 5th-7th
April 2024: 2nd-4th
May 2024: 7th-9th
June 2024: 4th-6th
August 2024: 6th-8th
October 2024: 8th-10th
November 2024: 5th-7th
December 2024: 3rd-5th

This course is offered on demand

Course Details

Join us for an immersive Wound Care Certification prep course in the heart of the Texas Hill Country! This in-person course, held Tuesdays through Thursdays, 8:30am to 4:30pm with a 30-minute lunch break, provides you with the opportunity to learn from leading educators in wound care. Located in the charming town of New Braunfels, Texas, this course offers the perfect setting for focused learning and skill-building. In addition to the comprehensive in-person classes, you’ll also receive bonus classes and on-demand access to the courses for 90 days after the in-person classes. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your wound care expertise and network with like-minded professionals in preparation for your Wound Care Certification test.


Wound Care University

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