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Elevate your expertise in wound care and hyperbaric medicine with our specially curated bundle. This comprehensive collection includes two essential courses that will empower you with in-depth knowledge and skills in the field of wound care.

Course 1: Wound Care 101
Delve into the core principles of wound care with our course, “Wound Care 101.” Whether you’re an experienced healthcare professional or just embarking on your wound care journey, this course provides a solid foundation in wound assessment, treatment strategies, and industry best practices. Gain the confidence and competence required to excel in wound care management.

Course 2: Introductory Course in Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Care (Zoom)
Take your expertise to the next level with our immersive “Introductory Course in Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Care.” This online learning experience offers a comprehensive exploration of hyperbaric medicine alongside advanced wound care techniques. Discover cutting-edge therapies, stay updated on the latest research, and explore innovative approaches that can significantly impact patient outcomes.

By bundling these two exceptional courses, you save on cost (100!) and fast-track your journey to becoming a wound care and hyperbaric medicine expert.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your wound care skills. Grab HBOT + Wound Care 101 today and embark on a transformative journey toward expertise and success in wound care and hyperbaric medicine.

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HBOT + Wound Care 101 Bundle (SPECIAL OFFER!)
Please note that this is not a certification course. Certification/CAE/fellowship come from the NBDHMT or UHMS.


CME/CNE Hours Awarded

Who should take this course?

Physicians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, registered respiratory therapists, physical therapists, physician assistants, licensed vocational nurses, licensed practical nurses, EMT’s and paramedics involved in advanced wound care management.

Topics COvered

HBOT course covers the complete UHMS Hyperbaric Medicine Introductory Curriculum.

HBOT learning objectives include:

  • Historical Considerations
  • Physics of Hyperbaric Exposure
  • Mechanisms of Hyperbaric Oxygen
  • Air Decompression Procedures
  • UHMS Accepted Medical Indications: Scientific Basis and Treatment Protocols
  • Side Effects and Contraindications
  • Patient Assessment and Management
  • Hyperbaric Chamber Systems
  • Hyperbaric Safety and Emergency Procedures
  • Administrative and Management Issues
  • Clinical and Technical Practicum
  • The course includes a Final Examination and Evaluation

Wound Care 101 learning objectives include:

  • Introduction to Wound Care
  • Common Lower Extremity Types
  • Clinical Wound Assessment
  • Pressure Injuries/Prevention and Surgical Wounds
  • Debridement and Advanced Modalities
  • Topical Wound Therapy

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